Multi-Currency Support

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Managing family wealth can become considerably more complex when family assets are held in multiple currencies. This situation can arise simply because the family has an international footprint or because the family makes a conscious effort to diversify risk by holding assets pegged to different currencies.

Unfortunately, support for tracking assets in their native currencies has been missing in most software targeted to the private wealth community. Complex Interests’ software was not an exception to this rule . . . until today.

Complex Interests is pleased to announce that its software for managing complex family wealth now supports multiple currencies. Each asset tracked in Complex Interests can be assigned a native currency, and its market value will be automatically converted to the native currency of its owner in relevant reports. Currency exchange rates can be imported daily or set for a particular date. The software even supports user-defined exchange rates that reflect the rates the user actually enjoys rather than the rates defined by the broader market.

If you work with a family struggling with the complexity of managing assets and relationships in multiple currencies, do not hesitate to reach out to Complex Interests. We would be happy to see if we can make your stewardship of the family’s estate a little bit simpler.