Key Concepts

Matter: In Complex Interests, a "matter" is a family. A single-family office would likely only ever have one matter, while an accounting firm would likely maintain a separate matter for each client family it tracks in the software. The number of matters created is not relevant to Complex Interests' pricing.
Concern: A matter is made up of concerns. A "concern" is anything that is deemed relevant to the matter, e.g., a person, bank account, business entity, trust, debt, real estate, personal property, etc. The number of concerns that are in use or can be created across all matters determines the cost of licensing Complex Interests.


Complex Interests is made up of three components. The first is Microsoft SQL Server. The user is responsible for licensing this component directly from Microsoft. (Microsoft SQL Server Express edition is free, can be licensed upon install, and works perfectly with Complex Interests.) The second component is Complex Interests' server module, which sits alongside Microsoft SQL Server. The third component is Complex Interests' client module, which is installed on each client workstation that will use Complex Interests.
There are many ways to deploy Complex Interests software, even in the cloud. The specialists at Complex Interests will work with you to develop a deployment strategy that meets your organization's needs.


Complex Interests operates on an annual license scheme. The execution date of the Complex Interests software license agreement sets the annual term. License fees are based on "concern capacity," i.e., the number of concerns that can be simultaneously active within the software. Concern capacity is purchased in blocks of 50.
The annual license can be renewed each year. Failure to renew the annual license will cause the ability to add, edit, and delete concerns or other records managed by the software to become disabled. Under a non-renewed license, the software will continue to function as read only.

Mix and match blocks of "concerns" to fit your family's level of complexity

Single Block


Annual Renewal
  • $2000 Initial Fee
  • 50 Concerns
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Double Block


Annual Renewal
  • $4000 Initial Fee
  • 100 Concerns
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Triple Block


Annual Renewal
  • $6000 Initial Fee
  • 150 Concerns
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