The handbook

For families with complex interests

Get the full picture

And provide a map for your family

TRUSTS and Life Insurance

Revocable, Dynastic, QPRTs, etc. Instantly see beneficiaries, trustees, and what makes up the corpus of each trust. Life insurance policies too.


Tame all the complexity created by varied ownership interests in business entities. Track different classes of equity, options, warrants, and acquisition costs.


Catalog homes, boats, cars, collectibles, and intellectual property. Archive title documents, purchase contracts, receipts, photos, etc.


Whether a multi-million dollar mortgage or $20K loan to a cousin, get full visibility across the family as to principal, interest rate, maturity date, and collateral.


Checking, savings, securities, 401K, IRA, and credit card accounts. Keep track of account values, beneficiaries, and account numbers.


Security interests, guaranties, co-tenancies, leases, licenses, and judgments. Agency and personal relationships too.

Everything in one place.

Organized and comprehensible.

If your current solution is "I keep a lot of things in Excel" or "my accountant knows most stuff," you are doing a disservice to your family.

Invest the time now.



When it comes data security and access, you set the rules.

While the trend in software development is browser-based applications with data in the cloud, we went in the opposite direction with Complex Interests. Our application is Windows based, desktop software.

While the option exists to put and access the data in the cloud, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of the data typically entered into our software, most customers prefer to have full physical control over their database.

A Quiz

For advisors to high net worth families

  1. How much value could you provide to your client-families by maintaining Complex Interests software on their behalf?
  2. How well positioned would you be to become the key advisor to each family's next generation?
  3. Would you be more effective if you had every document at your fingertips and could quickly reference a diagram to confirm a complex relationship?
  4. Would it be compelling to provide your clients Complex Interests on a secure tablet?

Seeing is believing!

We love to demo our software.

We can setup a face-to-face meeting or web-conference. A demo doesn’t have to take more than 15 minutes.